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Campus happenings, startup perspectives, and member accomplishments.

In the News: Skyroam Now In Europe, Giroptic Streams 360* Calls, & More!

We have loads of great news this week: Fuse Powered launched new app monetisation tools, CashStar won several awards, Weebly is partnering with Square and much more! And as always, we extend a warm welcome to our new members and invite you to RSVP to our events

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Growth Hack Like The Experts At Google

Last night, our event space RocketStudios was teaming with over 200 entrepreneurs and marketers for Google Developers' Growth Hacking With Google. After a happy hour complete with delectable sandwiches, cookies and drinks, Google's Dan Feld took the floor to kick the event off.

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Fight Coding Burn-Out!

As our developer bootcamp progresses into the first group roject phase, the room maintains a constant population of wild-eyed coders avidly typing away and whiteboards overflowing with bits of Python or JavaScript code, and of course, vital meme references. From the hallway you can occasionally hear Superbowl-like cheers and often less-suitable outbursts as developers piece together their web dreams. But how are we maintaining our physical and, more importantly, our mental health? We’ve asked some RocketU students to share their tips.

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[Podcast] The Hacker Who Broke The Internet: The Web's White Knight In Startup T

For our 5th installment of the RocketSpace podcast series, we interviewed one of the most renowned members on campus, Dan Kaminsky. Dan is most famous for breaking the internet back in 2008 and is now Chief Scientist and Founder at WhiteOps, the good guys of the internet, where he's pioneering new methods of bot detection. 

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RocketX Startup Digest: Is Apple Making A Self-Driving Car?

This Monday digest was written by by Patrick Liu of RocketX. Patrick is a Research Analyst at RocketX, RocketSpace's Corporate Innovation Program. For more on Patrick and RocketX, see his author profile at the bottom of this post.

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