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    How to Affect Change in a Large Corporation: You Can’t Do it Alone


    Working for a large corporation has many perks. The credibility, stability and ability to make a large scale impact keep you coming back to the office every day — but of course, every job can have drawbacks. What happens when you notice an ingrained process causing lost productivity with little upside? A new and emerging technology that could help either your team or your clients?

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    Firing an Employee for the First Time? Read This.


    I’ve worked exclusively for startups ever since I graduated law school. I love the energy, the focus, and the fight. With all those things come setbacks, like the need to let someone go because they aren’t helping the company achieve the success it needs to survive. Forgive me, but time is the only thing a startup doesn’t have to waste.

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    7 Keys to Successful Corporate-Startup Partnerships


    We’ve seen a lot of corporate-startup partnerships through the years - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    Here are some of the best practices we have picked up along the way.

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    5 Obstacles Holding Your Open Innovation Execution Back


    Few large companies have built the infrastructure needed to quickly and reliably grow ideas into sustainable businesses that stave off disruption.

    There Is a Ton of Noise in the Open Innovation Space

    The Harvard Business Review has an entire section dedicated to Open Innovation and searching “innovation execution” on Amazon yields more than 10 works from the past two years alone, all with differing opinions on how to successfully execute on innovation. Even with all of these resources, if you ask your corporate innovation peers most can’t look you in the eye to say their company has execution truly figured out.

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    Why Your Company Needs an Open Innovation Strategy