Announcing RocketU: a new Education business from RocketSpace

Hi, I’m Michelle Berry, Senior Vice President of RocketU, a new Education business that we are launching this summer at RocketSpace.

We are entering into the education business because the technology industry is deep in a tech talent crunch - a gap that recruiting alone can’t fill. Our philosophy is that we must actively create tech talent through high-quality education programs, which not only upskill current workers but create new, well-rounded tech professionals who can meet the needs of the marketplace.

RS_10.11_95RocketSpace is uniquely qualified to fill this talent gap because our campus is home to some of the fastest-growing tech startups in Silicon Valley and we have first-hand knowledge of the difficulty that even the best startups have in recruiting top talent.

Develop Yourself. We’ve chosen this as the RocketU tagline, because it reflects two key elements of RocketU: i) we will be delivering high-quality education programs to high-quality developers and ii) we are focused on holistic professional development, not just technology classes.

RocketU will offer a broad range of programs, from 10-week Developer Bootcamps to 3-week Advanced Scripting & Architecture courses to 3-5 day Technical Professional Development classes.

Our first course will be a 10-week Dev Bootcamp that will start in July 2013. We are starting to accept applications soon so visit the RocketU website to learn more!

I am thrilled to be joining the RocketSpace team and excited to continue to share our RocketU offerings and strategy with the RocketSpace ecosystem.