Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Announces Launch of a Windows 8 App Lab at RocketSpace

On Tuesday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer addressed a sold-out crowd at RocketSpace to get developers fired up about developing for Windows 8. Flanked by the Microsoft BizSpark team, Ballmer announced the upcoming launch of a Windows 8 App Lab, which will be based at RocketSpace.

Ballmer was direct when laying out the opportunities he envisions: "[Windows 8] is going to create a heck of a lot of opportunity for folks in this room to make millions," he predicted.

Only time will tell if Windows 8 will live up to the hype surrounding its October launch. Still, Microsoft maintains control of 92% of market share: the potential for huge growth and reach is undeniable. By partnering with BizSpark, RocketSpace ensures that its members are positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.

"It is paramount to RocketSpace's makeup that we offer tenants unrivaled access to leading technology," commented RocketSpace CEO Duncan Logan. "The Windows 8 App Lab is the latest demonstration of this commitment."

"Hosting BizSpark's Windows 8 App Lab will boost RocketSpace's ongoing efforts to help our companies attain wide distribution of their consumer-facing apps," added Mike Chen, Ambassador Program Director at RocketSpace. "Windows 8 is particularly exciting because it merges the mobile, tablet, and desktop ecosystems: an app downloaded to a phone could also be used on that user's desktop computer."

The Windows 8 App Lab is the latest result of our ongoing partnership with Microsoft BizSpark. Earlier this year, RocketSpace hosted Microsoft's "30 to Launch" event, and in December hosted a Bing event on SEO optimization for entrepreneurs.

We tweeted prolifically throughout the event, and #RocketSteve trended on Twitter in San Francisco. Some of our tweets and retweets are embedded below so you can relive the excitement. For more discussion of Ballmer's visit, check out the coverage by The Verge.

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