The view from Space.

Campus happenings, startup perspectives, and member accomplishments.

Fight Coding Burn-Out!

As our developer bootcamp progresses into the first group roject phase, the room maintains a constant population of wild-eyed coders avidly typing away and whiteboards overflowing with bits of Python or JavaScript code, and of course, vital meme references. From the hallway you can occasionally hear Superbowl-like cheers and often less-suitable outbursts as developers piece together their web dreams. But how are we maintaining our physical and, more importantly, our mental health? We’ve asked some RocketU students to share their tips.

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[Podcast] With MapD, Data Will Never Be The Same

Our next podcast is with Wei Hong, VP Engineering at MapD, the fastest big data exploration platform. MapD is one of our most recent additions to campus, and experts in big data. Wei has been working with data for decades now - long before big data became a buzz word - and has for mission the democratization of data. With MapD CEO and founder Todd Mostak, he is making data analysis easy and accessible to all.

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