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RocketLabs @ RocketSpace

We recognize the subtle difference between Incubators and Accelerators. You incubate an idea from idea to product or service. You accelerate a product to market. Our startup accelerator is exclusively for seed-funded technology companies looking to grow rapidly in a shared innovative workspace.

Our San Francisco campus is a startup space for companies and entrepreneurs who are serious and dedicated to building significant technology companies. We call it RocketLabs.

Our programs are focused on creating the perfect tech startup ecosystem: speakers & classes in our dedicated event space, services from the best startup service providers, and research & analysis covering over 10,000 startups worldwide representing the “what’s next next” in technology.

Located in the heart of San Francisco’s tech & new media, RocketLabs @ RocketSpace currently hosts over 130 of the hottest startups in mobile, gaming, and Web 2.0 as well as an alumni network including Uber, Zaarly, PocketGems, Zappos, and Podio.

To learn more about our innovation campus and how we provide the “perfect ecosystem” for tech startups, watch this short video with RocketSpace CEO, Duncan Logan, that aired on NBC’s Press:Here with Scott McGrew, featuring Anthony Ha (TechCrunch) and Quentin Hardy (New York Times).

Startup Coworking Services

As a member of RocketLabs @ RocketSpace, you’ll receive all-inclusive access to coworking resources designed specifically for tech startups:

  • Flexible co-working and private office space
  • Office amenities such as reception, mail distribution, free Philz coffee and sodas, cleaning
  • Drop-in use of conference rooms for meetings
  • Speakers & education classes in our dedicated events space
  • Talent acquisition resources
  • Mentoring programs
  • Ground Support: free onsite office hours with startup service providers

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The Perfect Ecosystem

We surround our members with the world-class resources that they need to grow and thrive. What we call the "perfect ecosystem". To learn more or become one of our ecosystem partners, click below.