Become a full-stack software engineer in 12 weeks.

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12 Week Full-stack Python Developer Bootcamp

Immersive Education

Learn faster through hands-on, project-based training. Our structured curriculum maximizes the time you spend practicing the skills that matter and simulates a real work environment.

Build Something Real with the Best Tech Stack

Learn how to think like an engineer and build full-stack products from start to finish. RocketU’s technology stack includes Python-Django back-ends and JavaScript-AngularJS front-ends. Using techniques like GitHub workflow and Bootstrap for CSS, our graduates master skills that drive the industry forward.

Collaborative Environment

With expert instructors, mentors, TAs, and classmates, there’s always someone to get you unstuck. Our program simulates a real work environment where people problem-solve as a team.

The RocketSpace Advantage

Surround yourself by 175+ high-growth tech startups and based in the heart of San Francisco. Rub elbows with some of RocketSpace’s corporate innovation partners, attend exclusive events, and even get a two-month membership to RocketSpace upon graduation. We’ve created the ultimate tech ecosystem.

Tuition: $12,500

Upcoming Dates:

  • Developer Bootcamp - Jun 1st - Aug 21st
  • Developer Bootcamp - Jun 29th - Sep 18th
  • Developer Bootcamp - Aug 24th - Nov 13th
  • Developer Bootcamp - Oct 19th - Jan 15th

What do our students have to say?

“The pace has amazed me. I have learned more here in two weeks than I did my entire first year of college.”

Michael Perret
Developer at Yo

“I wanted to completely immerse myself in all things tech, and at RocketU, the 'classroom' is in the heart of the RocketSpace campus in San Francisco meaning that I had access to over 175 well-funded, growing tech startups.”

Geoff Boss
Full Stack Developer at HeyLets

“I learned more in two weeks of this bootcamp than I did on my own for a year.”

Winnie Tong
Web Developer at Yeti

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